Public Safety

First, I have faithfully supported law enforcement, and that will NEVER change. Second, liberal, soft on crime policies have led to a dramatic increase of crime throughout California. I have supported multiple measures to increase penalties, protect our communities, and keep our children safe. You can’t have strict laws with weak punishments. Sadly, California is a hub for human trafficking, and I have strongly supported legislation to increase penalties, and reclassify human trafficking as a serious and violent felony crime. Third, disgracefully, the 75th Assembly District is a dumping ground for Sexually Violent Predator’s (SVP’s). The fact that Eastern County San Diego has the highest number of SVP’s in the region is deplorable. I have continuously fought against the placement of SVP’s in our community and will continue to do so. Finally, I have never and will never support the early release of prisoners. It’s time that California starts putting the rights of victims, not criminals, first.

Cost Of Living

With the highest inflation rate in decades, the highest cost of gas in the nation, skyrocketing electricity rates, and new taxes constantly being proposed/enacted (which I have and always will oppose), is it any wonder why California is so expensive? The continual attacks on Prop. 13 are a danger to homeowners looking to stay in California. The fact that the State has a multi-billion budget surplus and REFUSES to return any of that money OR lower taxes is disgusting. The super majority needs a reality check.


Year after year, the supermajority in Sacramento has thrown billions in taxpayer money into “solving” homelessness. Yet, if you drive down the street you can tell that the problem has only gotten worse. While completely ignoring existing nonprofit, faith-based, and charities that have proven results to help homelessness, Democrats are trying to find “new and innovative” ideas to solve the increasing problem of homelessness, spending taxpayer money when there are already solutions available. The addiction and mental health aspects of homelessness must be addressed, and proper assistance provided to those who need it. Your tax dollars are being mismanaged.


After serving two combat tours in Vietnam, I understand the challenges our veterans face on a daily basis. As the last Vietnam Veteran serving in the California State Legislature, I have supported efforts to reduce the impacts of PTSD, and have authored legislation to investigate the increasing rate of female veteran suicide. I previously authored efforts to exempt military benefits from State income taxes, and offer veteran preference in the workplace. In 2017 I was honored to be named “Legislator of the Year” by the Vietnam Veterans of America. Those who have protected our freedoms by serving our country deserve our appreciation and unyielding support.

2nd Amendment

As Americans, the Constitution entitles us to the full and absolute protection provided by the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law-abiding citizens should be entitled to own firearms as individuals, either for recreation, protection, or both. California has grown notorious for infringing upon our 2nd Amendment rights, and the legislature needs representatives who are willing to stand up and fight against further encroachments of that right. As your Assemblymember, you can rest assured that I will oppose any and all efforts to restrict your Second Amendment rights.

Senior Citizens

Often struggling on a fixed income, the high cost of living in California shows no mercy on our senior population. I have and will continue to support programs that help seniors live independently and get them the help they need. As a senior citizen myself, I am well versed in the issues plaguing this population.