Best. Highest. Smallest.

In announcing his endorsement of Mayor Randy Voepel for the 71st Assembly District, Santee Councilmember Rob McNelis cited released data showing that Santee leads the region when it comes to fiscally responsible policies.

Specifically, the data show that Santee boasts the best business environment, highest citizen-to-employee ratio, and smallest pension liabilities in the region.

"Randy Voepel has proven that conservative government policies work,” said McNelis. “His business-friendly policies have resulted in quality residential, commercial and industrial development that is the envy of our region. Randy's fiscal policies have ensured Santee is the most fiscally responsible city in the county. He has also been able to maintain high levels of service by contracting out certain city services. Randy's record and experience are sorely needed in Sacramento."

“Rob McNelis has been an effective public servant at the local level,” said Voepel. “His vision and ability to get things done have ensured Santee maintains it’s fiscally responsible record and approach. I am proud to have Rob as part of my team.”

A business owner in Santee since 1997, McNelis was first elected to the City Council in 2010, and was re-elected in 2014.

Councilmember McNelis joins Assemblymember Brian Jones, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, El Cajon Councilmember Star Bales, El Cajon Councilmember Gary Kendrick, El Cajon Councilmember Bob McClellan, Santee Councilmember John Minto, and Santee Councilmember Ronn Hall among Voepel’s early endorsers.
Originally elected to the Santee City Council in 1996, Voepel was elected Mayor in 2000. Voepel is a U.S. Navy veteran with two combat tours of duty in Vietnam. A graduate from Saint Leo University, he is a businessman in financial services specializing in corporate benefits. He and his wife Susan have two children and three grandchildren.